Why My First WordPress Course Matters To You

Today, I begin my first WordPress course!!!!  And, you may be thinking, “So, what’s the big deal?  Why is that important for me to know?”  Well, it’s a big deal to you because you’re the one who benefits most!


I’m learning WordPress because I believe that busy people can connect with Jesus while they’re busy.

I don’t believe you need to take a retreat from life before you can connect with Jesus.  I don’t believe you need to neglect your job or your kids to connect with Jesus.  I don’t believe that meaningful spiritual connections happen only when you’re blanketed by serenity, amidst peaceful waterfalls and butterflies while resting in the middle of nature with the pleasing sound of a shallow brook close by.  It would certainly be nice.  And, I hope you do find some down time.  But, if that’s what we need in order to connect with Jesus, we are done for!

I know it’s a challenge.  I am faced with the challenge, just like you are, to make a meaningful connection with Jesus fit into my schedule.  I really want to help overcome this challenge.  And, I think I can.

In the weeks ahead I intend to learn all I can from this course (and the others that will follow) so that I can help you, a busy person, connect with Jesus.  I’m taking WordPress for me, so that I can help you.


Would you like to help point me in the right direction?  If there is something specific that you believe would help you connect with Jesus in your busy schedule, please comment below and let me know.  Thanks!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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