The Walking Stick Story

How we presented the Gospel at the Alliston Potato Fest 2015 using Walking Sticks

Hillside Community Church participated in the Alliston Potato Fest and gave out close to 4000 walking sticks.  Most of the people receiving the walking sticks chose to believe in Jesus.  This video is a summary of the message of the Walking Stick.

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4 thoughts on “The Walking Stick Story

  1. Perfect! Hopefully those who received the walking sticks at the Potato Festival will hear this reminder and and be encouraged to follow through with what they learned. (Reminder to everyone that the only way the word gets out is to “share” these great messages!)

    Thank you, Pastor Rick for making it so simple to make such an important and life changing decision.

  2. That is super fantastic! Another sign that we are in End Times! We have to build relationships. Help us Lord Jesus to find favour with the masses who do not know the Good News!

  3. I was given one of those walking sticks about ten years ago by a member of the Christian Farmers out reach. I used it frequently to walk the Gibson trail. I had added a few feathers to the stick. This seemed to catch the attention of other hikers, and provided and opportunity to share Jesus with others. So I am sharing to encourage anyone who has one of these walking sticks to use them when walking out in the community. They are a great out reach tool.