How To Slay The Three Headed Monster Of Distraction

Devotional on Hebrews 3:1-6

How To Slay The Three Headed Monster Of Distraction

With four kids and a Honey-Do List the one thing that gets most of my attention is my lack of focus.  There are so many things that I’d really love to get done.  They’re good things, too, not frivolous or self-gratifying.  But, I find that I am torn in so many directions, and they all seem to be really important.  Distraction is the focus. So, what is there to do about it?

037: Why Knowledge Is Essential To Faith

Devotional On Romans 10:1-13

With four young children there is always a mouth with a missing tooth in my house.  It reminds me of when I was a kid, writing notes to the Tooth Fairy.  For me, a quarter for a tooth just wasn’t enough, so I was leaving notes asking for bigger bills to buy large Star Wars toy sets, G.I.Joe toy sets, bikes… you name it. Honestly, what was the Tooth Fairy thinking leaving a quarter?!  Yet, with every tooth I received the same yield, a single quarter under my pillow. It’s like the Tooth Fairy couldn’t read, or was too busy for my notes. My belief in the Tooth Fairy let me down because she has no power. Actually, faith or belief (whichever word you’d prefer to use) has no power, either. There is only one source of power that truly has the ability to help us, and it’s vitally important we know the truth, rather than a fairytale, so that we can get connected with it.

Sermon 001: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection

Romans 9:14-18

I’ve met some really great church attenders who loved the church vibe, the people, and the programs, but they ended up rejecting it all once they heard the Gospel.  Sometimes the Truth of the Gospel drives people away, and may even make them aggressive.  Is there something we can do differently so that communicating the Truth would be better received?

Rom 011: Why God Will Always Be Faithful To You [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:1-8, Part 1

No matter how badly you fail, how horribly you sin, and how far you fall you will always be met with God’s faithfulness and His abundant grace.  Your faithlessness (and mine) never effects God’s faithfulness.  This video helps explain why that will always be true.