ROM 33: Don’t Coast [video/audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 7:7-25

When I was a teen I absolutely loved riding my 12 speed down the hill behind the zoo.  It was so steep that I could pick up incredible speeds that would make it feel like my body was lifting away from my bike.  On one particular day, though, I got brave.  I picked up a ton of speed, and started coasting.  Then I stood on my peddles and let go of my handle bars with my hands lifted to my sides (back in my day it was called “surfing”).  Unfortunately, my front wheel entered a speed wobble.  As I was standing up, hands out at my side, I looked down and was horrified to watch my handlebars chaotically turning side to side, hitting my frame.  Coasting (particularly while standing on a bike) can be dangerous.  Coasting in Christianity can be eternally deadly.

ROM 32: The Struggle Within [video/audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 7:7-25

I wish it wasn’t the case, but after 30 years I’m still tempted to sin.  It’s hard to talk about “the old man” coming back to life because I became a Christian when I was 13.  The reality that we are all faced with is our struggle against our sinful nature.  Sin is alive and active, making promises to us that it can’t fulfill.

ROM 31: Released Into Friendship

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 7:1-6

As Believers who are no longer obligated to obey The Law, why are we not free to follow our every whim?  As a Believer, I still feel compelled to sin, how do I overcome my temptations?  These questions and more are answered in today’s video about Romans 7:1-6, Released Into Friendship.

ROM 30: Gifts Are Better Than Wages

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:15-23, Part 2

I’m very grateful that Jesus gives me gifts according to His grace instead of giving me what I deserve.  In today’s passage Paul talks about the gruesome wages I’ve earned for the poor performance I’ve given God.

Rom 26: Sin’s Power Is Broken [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 1

Preparing the video/audio for this post got me excited.  I really like being reminded of the victory that I have in Jesus, and the defeat of everything that would separate me from God for all eternity.  If you’re feeling a little down, this next set of videos/audios may encourage you, too.  Your past is not your identity!  Your failures are not holding you back!  Jesus has given you a fresh start that comes with a ton of power.

023: The Solution To Your Rebellious Nature

Devotional on Romans 7:7-12

I knew exactly what I was doing, and I can tell you that G.I. Joe got it wrong, knowing isn’t half the battle!  I knew that eating the really big piece of the ice-cream cake that I found in the freezer would give me stomach cramps and make me feel sick 30 minutes later.  But, in the moment, it didn’t matter to me.  Actually, in the moment, I found that the warning against this behaviour excited me and I wanted to see if I could get away with it!  Well, it’s 30 minutes later, and I didn’t get away with it.  Wether our rebellious nature compels us to do mildly rebellious things like eating too much ice-cream cake, or much bigger things with greater penalties, it consistently hurts us and takes us away from the life we really want to be living.  So, what’s the solution to our rebellious nature?!

Rom 014: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:9-20, Part 2

Here’s the bad news: We’ve done wrong, we’re accountable, and we’re going to face a Judge who sees everything we’ve ever done and everything we’ve ever thought.  Here’s the good news: Our judge has paid the penalty for the wrong we’ve done so if we plead for mercy we’ll receive it.  So, how do we plead for mercy?

Rom 013: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:9-20, Part 1

Have you found the same push-back that I have when using the word, “sin?”  People seem to generally believe in the concept of sin (I mean, Other People do bad things which could be considered sin… like murder, or terrorism), but I haven’t met many people outside of Christianity that believe they are sinners.  People, generally, acknowledge that they do bad things (from time to time), but they believe they are generally good.  Maybe we should stop using the word “sin” and “good” and start using the compound word, “missed-the-bullseye-while-using-a-bow-and-arrow” to add some clarity.  I’ll help you understand that new compound word, and much more, in today’s Video/Audio.