ROM 038: God’s Sovereignty

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 9:1-29

God's sovereignty

I wish all of Romans could be like chapter 8. However, Paul is called to take on the seriously challenging work of teaching about both acceptance and rejection, particularly as it applies to both Jews and Gentiles. Romans 9:1-29 is a really heavy, but really necessary chapter. In this episode of Christianity 101 we explore the huge topic of God’s Sovereignty.  

034: How You Can Become One Of God’s Elect

Devotional On Romans 9:6-13

I’m in grade 4, again I am one of the last to be standing along the wall waiting to be picked.  I don’t really blame anyone for not wanting to choose me, because I really don’t like playing hockey any ways.  But, being the last to be elected (or not being elected at all) always leaves me feeling horrible.  I see that time is running out and I know that I’ll soon be assigned a team by our gym teacher – which, technically, means that I’m not one of the elected, but I’m still forced to play.  At least I can look forward to using the sticks as lightsabers after the game.  Being elected by one of my friends to join their team would have been great. However, being elected by God to join Him in eternity would be totally awesome. Thankfully, election works differently with God.

033: Three Healthy Responses To Unbelief

Devotional On Romans 9:1-5

Thankfully we were in my neighbourhood and coming close to my house.  I was a young teen, maybe 14, and there I was sitting in the car with my uncle sharing the Gospel with him.  He was not happy about it at all.  He hit breaks, pulled over, and told me to be quiet or get out and walk home (not a really huge penalty since I could almost see my house from where we were).  But, it wasn’t the personal threat, it was the rejection of the Gospel that fuelled my response.