Rom 041: Does God Get Tired Of You?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 11:11-24

Does God Get Tired Of You?

I’ve had some people get bored of me, get frustrated with me, stop liking me, take offence at me, and they have chosen to move on. That’s really ok, it’s their choice. But, the bigger question is, does God treat us the same way? Does God ever move on from us? Does God get tired of you? In this episode we explore Romans 11:11-23 and see that question answered (for the tenth time in Romans).

Rom 040: God’s Mercy Or Rejection?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 11:1-10

God's Mercy Or Rejection

In this episode we explore a question of rejection: “Does God reject people?”

In Romans 11:1-10 Paul asks if God has rejected Israel, His chosen people of the Old Testament. If God has rejected people who were once accepted, then what’s to say He won’t also reject us. And, if He didn’t reject them, then why are they not following Jesus?

ROM 038: God’s Sovereignty

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 9:1-29

God's sovereignty

I wish all of Romans could be like chapter 8. However, Paul is called to take on the seriously challenging work of teaching about both acceptance and rejection, particularly as it applies to both Jews and Gentiles. Romans 9:1-29 is a really heavy, but really necessary chapter. In this episode of Christianity 101 we explore the huge topic of God’s Sovereignty.  

035: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst Of Rejection

Devotional On Romans 9:14-18

Everything seemed to be just fine.  He knew I attended church, he seemed to be interested in it, so I shared the Gospel with him.  What followed absolutely took me by surprise.  I wouldn’t say he became hostile, but there was a level of anger in his reaction.  The communication of the Gospel flatlined a friendship and caused a person to choose to reject Jesus.  I walked away from the conversation thinking, “Man, if I kept my mouth shut maybe things would be better.”  But, I know that’s not true.  What do I do when a clear understanding of the Gospel is the very thing that causes someone to reject me and Jesus?

Sermon 001: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection

Romans 9:14-18

I’ve met some really great church attenders who loved the church vibe, the people, and the programs, but they ended up rejecting it all once they heard the Gospel.  Sometimes the Truth of the Gospel drives people away, and may even make them aggressive.  Is there something we can do differently so that communicating the Truth would be better received?