Rom 46: What Love Looks Like

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 13:8-14

What Love Looks Like

In this episode we summarize everything that God requires of us (namely what He wants us to do for Him and for others) as we discover what love looks like in Romans 13:8-14. With just one word, the complicated thoughts that stem from Bible discussions can become simplified and quickly actionable.

ROM 31: Released Into Friendship

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 7:1-6

As Believers who are no longer obligated to obey The Law, why are we not free to follow our every whim?  As a Believer, I still feel compelled to sin, how do I overcome my temptations?  These questions and more are answered in today’s video about Romans 7:1-6, Released Into Friendship.

022: Three Reasons Why The Spirit Is Superior To The Law

Devotional on Romans 7:1-6

As a growing Believer it took a long time for me to understand what it really meant that I was “dead to sin” and “alive to Christ.”  I liked the words because they sounded impressive and promising, but I had no idea why they were important.  I’m not sure at what point I really understood this, but I remember the wow-moment I had when I did.  To keep it simple, you are free.  But, that’s a little too simple so let me explain.

017: What The Law Teaches You About Grace

Devotional on Romans 5:18-21

I know I’m sometimes naive, but I think I’ve known for a long time that Canadians have it pretty good. Nothing, though, really reveals that more clearly than seeing how badly life has become in other places of the world. Here’s something that I’ve found to be true: contrast brings clarity. That’s not only a practical truth, it’s also a spiritual truth. You, a person who is blessed with God’s grace, come to understand how great God’s grace is when you contrast it with the Old Testament Law.