#004, New Believers, “Linking” with other Believers [Video]

Church is vitally important for you.  Yes, Jesus loves you, adores you, and watches you with an unblinking fascination.  He also loves every other Believer, too.  Your level of engagement with other Believers impacts the depth of your relationship with Jesus.  Here is the final “L” word – “Link.”  Linking with other Believers, through your involvement in a local church, is vital.

#003: New Believers, “Listening” to Jesus [Video]

Bible reading is essential because it’s how we listen to God.  But, Bible reading is tricky, complicated, and sometimes very frustrating.  The Bible can be tricky, particularly if you treat it like you would any other book.  In this video, I really want to help make the Bible easier for you to navigate and understand.

#001: New Believers Start Here [Video]

This short video is for new Believers who have recently placed their faith in Jesus and are asking, “What now?”  It begins a tutorial that will help you understand what it means to be a friend of God.  It will help you start to grow your friendship.  And, hopefully, it will get you really excited about the possibilities that exist for you because of your new friendship.

Heads up, sometimes this is tricky.

Beginning a friendship with Jesus leaves many people feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders.  I’ve even heard people say that it feels like they’re really breathing for the first time in their life.  But, being a friend of God sounds … well, it sounds like a really big deal.  It is an absolute pleasure if I can help you, even just a little bit.