Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

Devotional on Hebrews 4:14-16

Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

It was a really cold, winter day.  Icicles hung from the bottoms of the cars driving up to our bay doors for an oil change.  I wore thin overalls with the company’s logo (nice and big for all to see), absolutely not allowed to wear a coat (because it would hide the logo).  So, there I was, freezing as the wind easily blew through my work clothes, moving from car to car filling out work orders before they enter the small shop.  While I’m standing there, teeth chattering, fingers barely able to hold the pencil that I’m using while I hold a metal clipboard, I spot my boss sitting in his car, engine running, across the parking lot keeping an eye on me ensuring I’m doing my job well (and not wearing a coat, which he expressively forbade).

HEB 02: Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option

Christianity 101 Podcast - Hebrews 1:5-14

Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option

I have heard that our generation is the most advertised to generation that has ever existed. Advertisement doesn’t only take the form of products and services, it also includes spirituality. There are many spiritual options to pursue these days, and it seems as though people are making up something new almost daily. How is one to determine which option is best? In today’s episode we focus on Hebrews 1:5-14, and discover Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option.

032: Six Reasons Why Faith In Jesus Is Well Placed

Devotional On Romans 8:31-39

Nerf darts are flying everywhere.  I try my best to dash through the area, but I find that the entire church basement is setup like a war zone, filled with grade 6 boys shooting at each other with their nerf guns while playing some version of Capture The Flag.  Not too long into the game, suddenly a number of Rubbermaid containers are emptied into a corner, and now “mobile tanks” move past me as a barrage of darts fly past my knees making the containers sound like a set of drums.  When the party’s over, while we drive home, my son gets my attention and summarizes his 12 year old birthday party to me.  He says, “Best birthday party, every!”  Great summary.  It’s a lot like the summary we find in today’s text.

Rom 016: How To Befriend God (part 2) [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:21-31, Part 2

Well, in hindsight, yes I see it was a bad idea (but who lives in hindsight?!)  … I took my young son with me to a hospital in order to see someone who was recovering from surgery.  Because I’m a pastor some people seem to feel that I have a stronger stomach than others, so every gross detail of the procedure was explained to me, including lots of comments about veins and blood.  I’m getting used to these verbally-graphic and horrific (…don’t cringe, straight face, don’t faint, nod and smile) 80’s-gory-movie moments, but my son is absolutely not!  He fainted (thankfully, I caught him before he hit the floor), and then he asked me never to take him on another hospital visit again.  I’ve learned my lesson.  However, I can’t stop exposing him, or you, to gross and gory details while talking about Jesus.  Jesus’ blood is part of the reason we are able to befriend God.

016: Why Grace Is More Powerful Than Failure

Devotional on Romans 5:12-17

As I walked into his room, seeing me for the first time that day, my son became excited. He jumped at me and we fell crashing onto his bed as we wrestled each other. Unfortunately I was still wearing my glasses and they snapped in two as they bore the weight of his body against my face. His moment of joy turned into a moment of wide-eyed panic. But, all was well when he heard these magic words, “It’s ok, Pal, I’ll take care of it.” Grace covers over a multitude of failures for me, my kids, and also for you.

#004, New Believers, “Linking” with other Believers [Video]

Church is vitally important for you.  Yes, Jesus loves you, adores you, and watches you with an unblinking fascination.  He also loves every other Believer, too.  Your level of engagement with other Believers impacts the depth of your relationship with Jesus.  Here is the final “L” word – “Link.”  Linking with other Believers, through your involvement in a local church, is vital.

#003: New Believers, “Listening” to Jesus [Video]

Bible reading is essential because it’s how we listen to God.  But, Bible reading is tricky, complicated, and sometimes very frustrating.  The Bible can be tricky, particularly if you treat it like you would any other book.  In this video, I really want to help make the Bible easier for you to navigate and understand.

#001: New Believers Start Here [Video]

This short video is for new Believers who have recently placed their faith in Jesus and are asking, “What now?”  It begins a tutorial that will help you understand what it means to be a friend of God.  It will help you start to grow your friendship.  And, hopefully, it will get you really excited about the possibilities that exist for you because of your new friendship.

Heads up, sometimes this is tricky.

Beginning a friendship with Jesus leaves many people feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders.  I’ve even heard people say that it feels like they’re really breathing for the first time in their life.  But, being a friend of God sounds … well, it sounds like a really big deal.  It is an absolute pleasure if I can help you, even just a little bit.