021: The Definitive Reason Why Surrendering Control Leads To Alignment

Devotional on Romans 6:19-23

My back and my knees are aching as I hang the last piece of drywall.  Stepping back I take a look around the room and say to myself, “Wow, how in the world did I do all that?”  The only reason I am able to renovate my basement is because some of my friends stepped up to teach me and help me, and there’s no other way it would be happening.  Similarly, I can step back and take a look at who I am today and where I’m heading and say to myself, “Wow, how in the world did I ever get here?”  The only reason I find any success today is because Jesus stepped up and helped me, and there’s no other way it would be happening.  Success, with my basement and in life, came only when I stopped trying to do everything myself and I started surrendering some of my control.

020: The Personal Cost Of Biblical Misalignment

Devotional on Romans 6:15-18

My friend thrust a blindfold over my head, helped me bend over and press my forehead against a bat, and then told me to spin around 10 times.  I think I made it to 7 before falling over.  When I got back onto my feet I heard my team yell, “Run, run, run!”  I ran, alright. Unfortunately, my alignment wasn’t aided by my lack of sight and dizziness. I ran right out of the playing area, down a small decline, and straight onto my face. There are some summer camp games that I absolutely dislike, and this was one of them. Misalignment in that game meant pain, pure and simple. Misalignment for a Believer can be painful, too, when our life’s direction is not in alignment with Jesus’ direction…

011: Why Knowing The Difference Between “Pleasing” And “Alignment” Matters To You

Devotional on Romans 4:9-12

You can absolutely please God.  Everyone can regardless of their faith or lack of faith in Jesus.  Feeding the hungry pleases God.  Caring for orphans and widows pleases God.  Loving our neighbours like we love ourselves pleases God.  Helping refugees pleases God.

But, there’s a bigger issue here.