Rom 012: How You’re Limiting Yourself By Rationalizing [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:1-8, Part 2

When you use the phrase “I’m not as bad as [name]” it’s quite possible that you may be worse.  Rationalizing doesn’t make you more immoral than anyone else, but rationalizing blinds you to your own potential, causes you to miss opportunities for personal growth, and absolutely ambushes your own efforts to connect yourself with Jesus.  Don’t worry, today’s post reveals how you can stop limiting yourself and start actually connecting with Jesus.

Rom 011: Why God Will Always Be Faithful To You [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:1-8, Part 1

No matter how badly you fail, how horribly you sin, and how far you fall you will always be met with God’s faithfulness and His abundant grace.  Your faithlessness (and mine) never effects God’s faithfulness.  This video helps explain why that will always be true.

007: Why Drifting Is So Easy, So Costly, And How You Can Reengage

Devotional on Romans 3:1-8

It’s easy to start drifting because it’s hard to stay disciplined.  Staying consistent with my Bible reading, praying, and thinking about others takes some work – drifting makes life easier.  It’s almost enjoyable to drift because it can be like meandering down a slow moving river on an inner tube.  Unfortunately, the result of drifting isn’t simply missing a deadline or giving up on a goal.  Drifting can be so costly that we can deconstruct everything we’ve previously worked so hard to build – including our friendship with God.