Summary Of Your Feedback

Hi all,

Thanks for your input on my last post!  I really appreciate you taking the time to connect with me.  Here’s a summary of what I heard from you…

By far, the bulk of the feedback indicates that you prefer to listen to the series through Romans over watching it.  Many of you have said that you listen while you drive.  So, I’ve enrolled in three courses on Udemy that teach me how to podcast.

My first podcast series will be done shortly.  It’s simple, and it’s silly, and only 6 episodes, but it’s teaching me.  I should be ready to continue the series through Romans soon.

Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Summary Of Your Feedback

    • Great question! And, I’ll have a great answer for that a couple of lectures from now!!!!

      For now, I suppose you and the kids will just need to listen from here. However, I think that I’ll be able to send the feed to a number of services that are non apple.

      … man, this question hasn’t been answered yet in my course. I’ll get there soon, I think.

      FYI, if your kids like it, I can do a few more episodes and interview them, too.

    • It sounds like you don’t have an app that plays podcasts. Would you like to try poddirectory podcast app? It’s a free app for Android, and PC. If you type “Rick Grundy” in the search line you should find me.

      Please let me know if that works for you. I’ve never used the app, I just know that my feed was accepted by them.

      You can find the app on GooglePlay. I’m not on GooglePlay yet, but I’ve connected with their support department to help me figure out what I’ve done wrong.