How To Slay The Three Headed Monster Of Distraction

Devotional on Hebrews 3:1-6

How To Slay The Three Headed Monster Of Distraction

With four kids and a Honey-Do List the one thing that gets most of my attention is my lack of focus.  There are so many things that I’d really love to get done.  They’re good things, too, not frivolous or self-gratifying.  But, I find that I am torn in so many directions, and they all seem to be really important.  Distraction is the focus. So, what is there to do about it?

Distraction is a three headed monster.  Distraction tends to get our heads thinking about things less important, get us doing things that are less important, and even messes with who we feel we really are.


I’ve got some great news for you. Hebrews 3:1-6 reveals How Believers Can Slay The 3 Headed Monster of Distraction.


To regain your mental focus, get control over what you do, and become clear about your identity, do this…


Keep Jesus at the centre of…
1.     Who you are

When we forget who we are we are more likely to do things that are out of alignment with our core identity.  Remember, you are a child of God because of your faith in Jesus.

The original readers had forgot about how central Jesus was to who they were.  In fact, it looks like they had even been considering a return to Judaism because they believed that the Old Covenant was equal to their new and real relationship with Jesus.

When we forget that we are connected with God by a real relationship we are easily distracted.  However, when we are mindful that the only connection we have to eternity is Jesus we are less distracted because we more quickly recognize how things are in or out of alignment with our core identity – a friend of Jesus.


Keep Jesus at the centre of…
2.     What you think

Some of the content in the passage of Hebrews I’ve asked you to read may seem strange.  Particularly, the references to Moses.  Most of us (the readers of my blog) would probably not consider Moses to be in competition with Jesus.

The first readers, however, were confused.  They saw Moses as the architect of the Covenant, and the closest thing a person could get to God (other than Abraham, I suppose).

There is nothing at all that competes with the message of the Gospel.  Unfortunately, we can be so distracted, like the original readers, by other spiritual messages when we are not clear about the source of truth.  The only source of truth is the Bible because it’s the only thing we have that is written by God to effectively reveal God.

When we are clear about the source of truth we are less distracted because we can more clearly spot error and avoid giving it attention.


Keep Jesus at the centre of…
3.     All you do

We are not connected to God because we have done anything good.  We are connected to God purely because we have chosen to believe in Jesus.  That being said, once we have chosen Jesus our actions should reveal that choice.

The original readers’ actions were revealing their lack of faith – they had grown apathetic, and were considering apostasy.

When we are clear about who we are serving and why then we are far less distracted with other activities.  When we care about doing things to build our friendship with Jesus, then we are far less likely to be distracted by things that hurt our friendship with Jesus.


How Believers Can Slay The 3 Headed Monster of Distraction. 

Be clear about who you are (you are a friend of Jesus because of your faith).  Be clear minded about the source of truth (the Bible is the only source that effectively teaches us about God and empowers us to connect with Him).  Be clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing (what we do either helps our friendship with Jesus or hurts it).


What about you?

Are you easily distracted because you’re forgetting who’s you are, how to listen to Him, and your calling to grow your friendship?  Or, can you share about the clarity you have concerning  your identity, the source of truth, and the “why” behind your lifestyle to encourage others who are easily distracted?

Or, did you see something different in the text?

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How To Slay The Three Headed Monster Of Distraction


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