Sermon 001: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection

Romans 9:14-18

I’ve met some really great church attenders who loved the church vibe, the people, and the programs, but they ended up rejecting it all once they heard the Gospel.  Sometimes the Truth of the Gospel drives people away, and may even make them aggressive.  Is there something we can do differently so that communicating the Truth would be better received?

For the first time I’m posting Sunday’s sermon (summary style) for anyone who missed Sunday, or doesn’t attend my church.


The focus of this sermon is Romans 9:14-18, What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection




A Request, Please:

Please share this content with your friends.  And, please leave a comment below telling us 1) What you heard, 2) What you think it means, and 3) What you need to do about it so that we can grow in our understanding of Romans together.

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6 thoughts on “Sermon 001: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection

  1. Thank you Pastor Rick for your heart for your people You work so hard and we appreciate all you do.
    This is a good idea for review and for others. I will share it each week on FB. BRAVO!

  2. Enjoyed your sermon like usual. One little thing don’t wear black on a black background try your white shirt with the blue strips. Great job Pastor love it

  3. Yay!! Posting your sermons is a great idea!!

    I don’t catch everything you say during the sermon. It’s nice to be able to review the sermon at my leisure and be able to ask questions.

    • Charlene, you sound normal; and I am the very same way: some (rather old studies) have revealed that we retain 85% of what we read, but only about 15% of what we hear. 🙁

      And of course, as an old guy now, I don’t remember what I did yesterday! 🙂 It’s challenging enough just to remember that it was Monday!