New Season Begins Wednesday

I’m so excited to tell you what’s ahead this season on the Christianity 101 podcast!  I’ve taken to heart some of your feedback.  You’ve told me that you listen while commuting, you have the podcast playing in the background while working, and you play it in the background on YouTube while at home (but you’re not actually watching it), and you’ve asked for an option that doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth.  Some of you have also told me that you’d prefer a sermon style podcast over a commentary style.  I think I’ve heard you, so lets talk about the new season…

This season on the Christianity 101 podcast: sermon style discussions through Hebrews!


Here’s what’s happening this season to serve you better:


1.    This new season is recorded as a casual-sermon-style.  It’s not actually a sermon because I don’t think that a sermon sounds really great as a podcast.  So, I’ve adapted my Sunday sermon series to a podcast format.  Let me know how you think it’s working.

2.    You can still use YouTube.  Some of you have told me that you don’t have a podcast player and prefer YouTube.  So, for all of the YouTubers, you can still follow the YouTube channel.  Since you’ve also told me that you don’t actually watch the video, you just listen to it while it plays in the background, I think the new format will work for you.  You’ll simply see the Rick Grundy Live logo while the podcast plays.

(Heads up, just for you, you’ll also have access to the content first.  The YouTube version is posted on Monday or Tuesday rather than Wednesday.  It’s not intentional, it’s something that libsyn does for me – when I upload a new episode it automatically converts it and publishes it.  Enjoy the advanced screening!)

3.    Still posting on Wednesdays.  No one has commented about the day or the time the podcast is released, so there doesn’t seem to be a reason to make a change.

4.    You no longer have to miss out.  This point is really for the Hillsiders.  Our volunteers at Hillside work, and work, and work.  They’re great people.  But, they tend to miss sermons.  Also, we have some people who like to travel, or are not able to get out.  Additionally, I’m pretty intentional about having a consistent end time, so I tend to cut my sermons short.  With this new format, if you’re away on a Sunday, serving in one of the ministries, or if I’ve had to cut a sermon short because of time, you now have access to Sunday’s content – a little deeper, more casual, but without the audience participation and freestyle jokes (sorry, Kevin, your text message pictures of baby racoons will no longer distract me… And, yes, it was a Wolverine that attacked my campsite).



Thank you for engaging!  Thank you for allowing me to serve you and help connect you with Jesus while you’re busy.  I’m looking forward to all your feedback!


Thank you for 4000 views!

Last Season the site past 4000 views!  Thank you for sharing the content and coming back for more!

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