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Romans Study - Christianity 101

For free and for you!  Now you have access to the full Romans study on one page with easy links.  Start mastering Romans with video or audio tutorials today!

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Romans - Christianity 101



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Romans Study Plan: for free, for YOU

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2 thoughts on “Romans Study Plan: for free, for YOU

  1. Pastor Grundy,
    That law Paul references in Rom. 2:13 NIV, is not the OT code of law. Evidently you are not aware that the law has been changed, Heb. 7:12 NIV, in regard to to sin of murdering Jesus. Therefore it is only an individual who has the faith to confess to confess to God that he is truly sorry Jesus was murdered when he was crucified who will be declared righteous by God. Relative to these facts is Jesus’ stating that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to be convicting the world of guilt post of murdering him by crucifixion, Jn. 16:8 NIV. That there are only a few that ever find out what the gate is for entry into God’s kingdom is not understated, Mt. 7:13&14 NIV. Paul’s soteriological position is incorrectly interpreted whenever it is assumed that the word law can only be referencing the OT code.

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