Rom 47: What Mature Faith Looks Like

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 15:1-13

what mature faith looks like

I can’t tell you how many mature people I have met who are lacking maturity. Truthfully, I’m one of those mature people lacking some maturity. In Romans 15:1-13, Paul offers a profile of a mature Christian, helping us to recognize maturity in others and inspiring us to find maturity in ourselves.  In this episode we talk about what mature faith really looks like.


Show Notes:

• Romans 15:1 [01:05]
• Romans 15:2 [03:40]
• Romans 15:3 [05:00]
• Romans 15:4 [06:30]
• Romans 15:5-6 [08:05]
• Romans 15:7 [09:35]
• Romans 15:8-9 [10:15]
• Romans 15:10 [11:50]
• Romans 15:11 [12:15]
• Romans 15:12 [12:45]
• Romans 15:13 [13:45]
• Summary [15:30]
• And much more…



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What Mature Faith Looks Like

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