Rom 45: Submitting To The Government

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 13:1-7

Submitting To The Government

There’s always a lot of talk about politics filling my FaceBook news feed and creeping its way into my conversations. I’ve noticed something missing in almost all of the political talk that comes my way – no one talks about the need of submitting to the government. In this episode we look at Romans 13:1-7 where Paul clearly communicates when submission is a requirement, when it’s not, and what to expect when we feel we shouldn’t submit.


Show Notes:

• Romans 13:1 [01:05]
• Romans 13:2 [04:25]
• Romans 13:3-4 [09:40]
• Romans 13:5 [12:20]
• Romans 13:6 [13:30]
• Romans 13:7 [15:45]
• Summary [16:55]
• And much more…



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Submitting To The Government

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