ROM 37: God’s Love For You

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 8:28-39

God's Love For You

Romans 8:28-39 is a go-to passage for anyone who needs assurance because it explains so clearly why we can trust God’s love, and how far that love will reach.


Show Notes:

• Romans 8:28 [01:12]
• Romans 8:29-30 [04:04]
• Romans 8:31-32 [08:31]
• Romans 8:33-34 [10:08]
• Romans 8:35 [12:07]
• Romans 8:36 [12:51]
• Romans 8:37 [14:02]
• Romans 8:38-39 [14:41]
• Summary [16:25]
• And much more…




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You can be absolutely confident because of God’s Love For You


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