ROM 36: Glory Is In Your Future

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 8:18-27

Your Future Glory

In this episode of Christianity 101 we explore Romans 8:18-27, a glimpse at Your Future Glory. Your life may look like challenge after challenge, and you may be weighed down and not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings, but this passage is going to encourage you and get your eyes off your circumstances onto what God’s got planned for your future.



Show Notes:

• Romans 8:18 [01:32]
• Romans 8:19 [02:39]
• Romans 8:20-21 [03:57]
• Romans 8:22-23 [06:46]
• Romans 8:24-25 [10:05]
• Romans 8:26 [12:20]
Tips to help you pray [14:36]
• Romans 8:27 [17:23]
• Summary [18:11]
• And much more…


If you’re having a bad day, remember that Glory Is In Your Future

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2 thoughts on “ROM 36: Glory Is In Your Future

  1. Thank you! This chapter is so encouraging. Hope is a noun I think in this chapter, not a verb?

  2. This is probably my favourite chapter in the Bible. Thank you so much! I believe “hope” is a noun not a verb in this passage.