ROM 33: Don’t Coast [video/audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 7:7-25

When I was a teen I absolutely loved riding my 12 speed down the hill behind the zoo.  It was so steep that I could pick up incredible speeds that would make it feel like my body was lifting away from my bike.  On one particular day, though, I got brave.  I picked up a ton of speed, and started coasting.  Then I stood on my peddles and let go of my handle bars with my hands lifted to my sides (back in my day it was called “surfing”).  Unfortunately, my front wheel entered a speed wobble.  As I was standing up, hands out at my side, I looked down and was horrified to watch my handlebars chaotically turning side to side, hitting my frame.  Coasting (particularly while standing on a bike) can be dangerous.  Coasting in Christianity can be eternally deadly.

Today’s video on Romans 7:7-25 (part 2) focuses on the reality of our sinful nature (pre and post Christianity), and the danger of coasting.






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