ROM 25: Grace Wins Every Time [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:12-21, Part 2

Without giving away any really big, embarrassing moments, I can say that I have given my wife many opportunities to feel justified about becoming wrathful.  However, “wrathful” is absolutely not a word I’d use to describe our marriage.  One key ingredient in our successful marriage (and my longevity… to this point, at least) is forgiveness.  Moments of stupidity abound, but where grace is embraced the marriage thrives.  It’s similar with our fellowship with Jesus, too.  We have given Jesus a truckload of shameful treatment, but “wrathful” is not a word that could describe His interaction with us.  As you reminisce about some of the reasons you have given Jesus to become wrathful toward you, you’ll find encouragement in this week’s video/audio.

This video/audio explores Romans 5:12-21 (part 2), highlighting the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, and the grace that Jesus never runs out of.






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3 thoughts on “ROM 25: Grace Wins Every Time [Video/Audio]

  1. I heard that I miss my friends at church and I really need to come back. I know that I am loved and missed and forgiven. Thank you Rick for ghis message. See you Sunday