ROM 23: You’ve Been Reconciled [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:1-11, Part 3

You've Been Reconciled

My two older girls (6 yrs and 9 yrs) were playing so nicely in the living room with their toys that the transition to screaming and hitting shocked me.  But, no problem, I’m already prepared for this!  I put them on the naughty step for a time out, restoring both the calm and the relationship.  The naughty step is a wonderful tool for both correcting behaviour and reconciling two little girls.  It is so effective that God uses a naughty step, too.  Today’s text reveals how God’s naughty step, the cross, was effective at reconciling us to Himself.


This video/audio explores Romans 5:1-11 (part 3), highlighting the work Jesus has done to reconcile us to Himself.






Show Notes:

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One thought on “ROM 23: You’ve Been Reconciled [Video/Audio]

  1. Amazing concept reconciliation.

    What did I hear : While we were enemies of God he sent his son to reconcile with us through death. Our relationship is restored and our sinful ways forgiven if we only accept.

    What does this mean: It means that God gave us the ultimate example of forgiveness. He, through his son, offers to make our relationship with him new, even though he did nothing wrong. All we have to do is accept.

    What should I do: Accept! Only through the grace of God’s forgiveness can we be made wholly what we were originally meant to be, children of God.