Rom 019: Why Faith Is Essential [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 4:1-25, Part 2

It’s about 1am or so, I’m dizzy from the event I just brought the youth group back from, the last teen was just picked up and now I’m standing all alone in the church foyer looking at a big puddle on the carpet from a new leak in the church’s roof.  Tomorrow’s Sunday, I definitely need to take care of this now.  But, it’s ok, because I know who to call for help.  One of our board members is always eager to step up whenever there’s a crisis.  He responds to my phone call and we clean the mess in under an hour.  His example of hard work and his willingness to always help has inspired me from my years as an intern until today as a lead pastor.  Examples of faith and faithfulness are worth hanging onto.  Just like Abraham’s example…

This video/audio explores Romans 4:1-25 (part 2), highlighting the conditions surrounding Abraham’s declaration of righteousness and the example that he leaves for you.






Show Notes:

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