Rom 018: Why Abraham Is A Good Example For You (part 1) [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 4:1-25, Part 1

I couldn’t believe how quickly he did it!  Within two weeks, my friend totally renovated his basement from just bare, concrete walls to fully functional family room.  He’s got a talent that I was completely lacking!  But, I’m not completely lacking it anymore because my friend has become my example – he’s volunteering to show me how to frame, run the electrical, drywall, and everything else I need to do.  I’m learning by example, and it’s a lot of fun.  Similarly, there’s a man named Abraham in the Old Testament that had a talent that I completely lacked.  His talent was so great that God chose to reward him.  But, there’s no reason for anyone to be completely lacking in his talent.  Everyone can follow Abraham’s example and receive the same reward.

This video/audio explores Romans 4:1-25 (part 1), highlighting Abraham’s discovery of the path to righteousness, and the futility of trying to become righteous by good deeds.








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