Rom 014: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:9-20, Part 2

Here’s the bad news: We’ve done wrong, we’re accountable, and we’re going to face a Judge who sees everything we’ve ever done and everything we’ve ever thought.  Here’s the good news: Our judge has paid the penalty for the wrong we’ve done so if we plead for mercy we’ll receive it.  So, how do we plead for mercy?

This video/audio explores Romans 3:9-20 (part 2), highlighting the global problem of sin and the need of God’s solution for it.






Show Notes:

If you’d like a digital version of the study guide for this section, please follow this link


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2 thoughts on “Rom 014: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

  1. No ones perfect 100% of the time. Try hard not to judge others because we are all sinners. Turn to God for forgiveness and you will recieve His mercy and grace.