Rom 013: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 3:9-20, Part 1

Have you found the same push-back that I have when using the word, “sin?”  People seem to generally believe in the concept of sin (I mean, Other People do bad things which could be considered sin… like murder, or terrorism), but I haven’t met many people outside of Christianity that believe they are sinners.  People, generally, acknowledge that they do bad things (from time to time), but they believe they are generally good.  Maybe we should stop using the word “sin” and “good” and start using the compound word, “missed-the-bullseye-while-using-a-bow-and-arrow” to add some clarity.  I’ll help you understand that new compound word, and much more, in today’s Video/Audio.

This video/audio explores Romans 3:9-20 (part 1), highlighting the definition of “sin,” its global problem, and hinting at a solution for it.






Show Notes:

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2 thoughts on “Rom 013: All People Are Sinners [Video/Audio]

  1. I learned that sin means simply not hitting the bulls eye. I was also thinking about the collateral damage you spoke of and I think that sometimes that damage comes in the form of damaging other people’s relationship with God, especially people who look up to us. So much of this is about heart attitude. Lots of food for thought in this one.