Rom 005: Parenting, Behaving, & Defining [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 1:29-31

As my son and I walked side by side, leading the way ahead of the girls, Michelle (my wife) calls to me and says, “Wow, he acts like you, walks like you, and even looks like you from behind!”  My son and I look at each other, shrug, and call back, “Of course!”  I call him my Mini-Me for good reason.  I’m not sure if he learns what I teach him, but he absolutely learns what he lives.

In our last video we completely left out a section of definitions to keep the length down.  But, those definitions are important, particularly because it includes some information on parenting that is so vitally important not to overlook.

This video/audio explores Romans 1:29-31, highlighting some word definitions, horrible behaviours, and parenting.





Show Notes:

If you’d like a digital version of the study guide for this section, please click here

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2 thoughts on “Rom 005: Parenting, Behaving, & Defining [Video/Audio]

  1. Thanks for this message Rick; it really reminded me of the importance of showing spiritual discipline around my daughter, instead of just in my own personal relationship with God. We usually do our family devotional at bedtime; however, I’ll admit that some days when it is late or I don’t “feel” like praying out loud I will tell her to just make sure she says her prayers in her head. Although I believe it is important for her to develop her own prayer life with God; I know it is also important for us to have those times to pray and read the Bible together as a family. I need to start seeing this as my highest responsibility as a parent and let her see me confess my lack of obedience to God in this area. You are right, I can’t teach my daughter to obey her parents when I do not always show obedience to our Heavenly Father.

    • I wish I was perfect at this, too.

      We do our family devo’s in the evening before bed. Luke is on a regular, daily routine of reading (and, just recently, has been doing inductive studies). Because our girls require more of our attention, it’s harder to keep it a daily thing, particularly when we get home late (or when our exhausted-meter is through the roof).

      As the kids get older it’s becoming easier on us because we’re simply forcing them to keep at it (training’s done, so to speak). While they’re still young, though, it’s more work for us (not them) to keep consistent! As if us parents need more on our plates!