ROM 003: The Power of the Gospel [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 1:8-17

There was a “bang” kind of feeling coursing throughout my body, locking every muscle in place.  My heart couldn’t beat, my lungs couldn’t inhale or exhale, and even my mind had been locked, paused on the last scene of my daydream, as I stood looking like I had been frozen in time.  Moments ago, while I was clearly not paying enough attention to the lawn maintenance I had been assigned at summer camp, my trimmer became entangled in some loose wires beside the horse paddock.   I had no idea that they were connected to the electrical fence.  When the pulse finally ended (it probably only lasted about a second, but it was a second that felt like an hour), my body launched backwards as I gained control of my muscles and violently threw myself away from the danger.  This was the first time I felt overwhelmed by the power of electricity.  But, not the first time I’ve felt overwhelming power running through me.

The power of the Gospel is far more powerful, similarly having the ability to freeze a person in time and causing that person to violently jump backwards away from the danger they were heading towards.

This video/audio covers Romans 1:8-17, answering some questions about the power of the Gospel, the role of the Spirit, and how God rescues people who are heading toward danger.



Show Notes:

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