ROM 002: Introducing Paul, the Romans & the Gospel [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 1:1-7

I paused there wide-eyed, in mid-stride, just steps from my office as I was confronted with a rant rolling over my shoulder coming from close behind me, “He’s a chauvinist, out of touch, clearly only speaking for himself and the male gender, absolutely not applicable to me…”  “I thought she wasn’t married,” I said to myself as I nervously turned to make eye contact with her.  And then my eyes grew a little wider as I, with all my will power (and then some) stifled a laugh when I heard her say the name, “Paul.”

The apostle Paul and his content are sometimes misunderstood.

This video/audio covers Romans 1:1-7, answering some of our questions about Paul, why he thinks he can speak with such authority, and why Believers hold his letters in high regard.




Show Notes:

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3 thoughts on “ROM 002: Introducing Paul, the Romans & the Gospel [Video/Audio]

  1. I always find it fascinating to read parts of both the Old and New Testament simultaneously to see how many times prophecies are fulfilled. It is easy to see how people in the Bible like Paul were true prophets as the proof is in the scriptures; but how about people who claim to be prophets today? How do you know, when someone says they have received a word from God for you, whether it is truly from Him? Although maybe well intentioned, I feel that it can be very dangerous when people start looking to false prophets for direction. I believe that it is always best to take the guidance you receive from people back to God and confirm that it is in line with His Word. When it comes down to needing specific direction on an issue though it can be difficult to find a definite answer. I always try to wait until I have peace about something, which as you say can only come from Christ. Have you ever witnessed the consequences of false prophecy? What is the best way to handle a situation like that?

    • Good comment, Joy!

      Yes, I’ve bumped into some false prophecies. They’ve mostly come my way in my role as a pastor.

      Here’s a bit of a summary on how I handle it:

      1. The Holy Spirit wrote a book. If the prophecy conflicts in any way with the Bible I know it’s wrong and I reject the content.

      2. The Holy Spirit is within me (and you). If I’m confused about a prophecy directed toward me it’s probably because the Holy Spirit isn’t trying to tell me about it. If the Spirit’s not trying to tell me about it (at least giving me some kind of heads up ahead of time), then I’m pretty sure that the person isn’t legit.

      3. The nature of prophecy is the Gospel. This point is so vital to keep in mind. Rev 19:10, “The essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus” NLT. If a “word” spoken over me (or the church) has nothing to do with leading people closer to Jesus, then I’m pretty sure that the person isn’t legit… frankly, if the “word” spoken has no impact on people moving closer to Jesus, why does the content really matter at all?!

      Waiting until you have peace about something sounds like a good plan to me. If you’re trying to discern a future direction and you think you really need to hear from God (as I have from time to time), I find these things helpful:

      1. Fasting & Praying
      2. Reading the Bible to remind myself of God’s heart
      3. Reflecting on my talents/spiritual gifts
      4. Seeking confirmation from others who know me really well

      Sounds like you may have some personal experience with false prophecy. Is this similar to how you have managed it?

      • Thanks for your reply Rick. I haven’t personally had too much experience with false prophecy; however, I know people who have had their lives greatly impacted by it in cult like churches. Your approach seems like a great way to handle these situations, should I ever encounter it in the future!