MyMosaic: Finding Your Best Year Ever

I really want to help you find your best year ever.  And, I believe that if I do that, we will help Hillside find its best years as we move forward together.  The book, MyMosaic, is my attempt to help you.  It’s also my attempt to help Hillside find its best years ahead of us.

ANNC, MyMosaic

As promised, here is a list of the nine videos to help you work through the MyMosaic workbook.

I really wish we could have a conversation about the MyMosaic workbook right here.  But, I’m still trying to learn how to use WordPress.  For now, it looks like we’ll need to use our Facebook page or go out for coffee.


MyMosaic Introduction:


MyMosaic: Chapter 1


MyMosaic: Chapter 2


MyMosaic: Chapter 3


MyMosaic: Chapter 4


MyMosaic: Chapter 5


MyMosaic: Chapter 6


MyMosaic: Chapter 7


MyMosaic: Chapter 8, MyMosaic Planner, MyMosaic Review


Thank you for allowing me to help you become an artist of your future Mosaic.

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