Minecraft 04: Michelle

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

Off topic for three more daily episodes of Minecraft!  This time I think some of you (adults) will benefit.  Today’s guest is my wife, Michelle.

Our kids are awesome Minecraft players. Michelle has never played, but she knows it as deeply as other moms do.  She answers a few of my questions and tells us what’s so great about our kids playing Minecraft.


Show Notes:

• Why Michelle thinks MineCraft is so great [00:59]
• The coolest project Michelle has seen from the kids [01:09]
• What the kids play Minecraft on [01:18]
• Why Michelle likes this kids playing MineCraft over wifi [01:26]
• Michelle’s battle to find balance [01:40]
• And much more…

Significant quotes:

“It’s just a battle to find balance in life” 01:41


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