Minecraft 01: Samantha

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

I’ve been learning how to podcast in order to serve you better as we study through Romans (“Christianity 101”). I know that these next few posts are way off topic, but it’s part of my learning curve. To learn how to podcast quickly I chose a topic that was easy.  So, I have prepared six podcasts on MineCraft!  Which means, the next six posts may be more appealing to your kids.

Samantha is an awesome Minecraft player. She answers a few of my questions and tells us what’s so great about playing Minecraft.



Show Notes:

• What she loves about Minecraft  [01:53]
• The best thing she’s made in Minecraft  [02:28]
• The device she usually plays Minecraft on  [03:00]
• And much more…


Significant quotes:

“You can pretty much to whatever you want” [01:56]
“I usually play on an iPad” [03:00]


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