Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

Devotional on Hebrews 4:14-16

Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

It was a really cold, winter day.  Icicles hung from the bottoms of the cars driving up to our bay doors for an oil change.  I wore thin overalls with the company’s logo (nice and big for all to see), absolutely not allowed to wear a coat (because it would hide the logo).  So, there I was, freezing as the wind easily blew through my work clothes, moving from car to car filling out work orders before they enter the small shop.  While I’m standing there, teeth chattering, fingers barely able to hold the pencil that I’m using while I hold a metal clipboard, I spot my boss sitting in his car, engine running, across the parking lot keeping an eye on me ensuring I’m doing my job well (and not wearing a coat, which he expressively forbade).

Honestly,  some leaders don’t deserve their followers.  I’m sure you know that if it wasn’t for my need of a pay check I wouldn’t have been there.  Sometimes we follow leaders only for the benefit we receive (like a pay check), but remove the benefit and their influence comes to an end.

Jesus is a leader like no other.  Jesus is the greatest leader we could hope to follow.


In Hebrews 4:14-16 we learn Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader.



1. Jesus, alone, has the ability to connect you with God

 Jesus is called the Great High Priest.  Simply put, that means He’s the main leader bringing together both God and people.  He is the absolute best option for this role because He is both God and a man.  He has already gone into heaven on our behalf and can bring us to where He is.

 So, as far as benefit goes, the benefit of following Jesus is greater than any other benefit that following any other leader could yield.


2.  Jesus empathizes with all of your weaknesses

He’s not the kind of leader who sits in a warm car, keeping watch to make sure you’re not wearing a coat in a Canadian winter (I mean, the kind of Canadian winters that used to be normal for us, not like the mild winter we had – where I was able to ride my motorcycle on Christmas day and take a picture in front of a church’s nativity scene).

Jesus is able to understand all of our weaknesses, including our struggle with sin.  He, Himself, was tempted.  Actually, He was tempted by Satan, himself.  Jesus didn’t sin, but He certainly understands our struggle.

So, as far as a personable and caring and empathetic, He’s a leader greater than any other.


3.  Jesus is empowered by the Father to lead you to grace (for today’s struggles) and mercy (for your entrance into eternity)

Because Jesus is our Great High Priest, we can approach God confidently.  It was completely God’s idea to establish a friendship with us.  God wants us to approach Him, connect with Him, and grow that friendship deeply.

 Jesus has been made our leader so that we can receive mercy regarding our eternity.  Faith in Jesus will connect us with God, will remove all of our sins (anything we’ve ever done wrong), and will include us into God’s plans for eternity.

Jesus has been made our leader so that we can receive grace for today’s struggles.  He understands.  He can help.  He’s not judging, He’s empathizing.



Jesus Makes A Great Leader

 If you haven’t yet chosen to believe in Him, now’s as good a time as any.

If you’ve been bad, done wrong, sinned, rebelled, hated on someone, hurt someone, lied, cheated, or anything else of a negative and heart breaking nature, now’s the time to connect with Him in absolute confidence that you’ll find both grace and mercy.

Why wait?  Connect with Him right now.  And, then, keep following Him so that He can lead you to better benefits, better care, empathy and mercy.


What about you?

Are you already following Jesus, or do you need to start?

Did you see something different in the text?


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Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

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