Why only Jesus Can Connect You To God

Devotional on Hebrews 2:10-18

Why Only Jesus Can Connect You To God

In my fifth year of high school (anyone remember the OAC year?), since I knew I was headed to Tyndale, I had planned to do a co-op at my church.  Unfortunately, my friend went a semester before I was to start.  The pastor often found him sleeping in a Sunday school room or storage closet.  The church’s experience was so negative that they cancelled my co-op.  The job required more work than my friend was willing to put into it.  Heads up, Christianity requires a lot of work, too.  Since only Jesus can connect us to God we better be sure that we’re doing all we can to stay connected to Jesus, because it’s more than a cancelled co-op that’s at risk.


In Hebrews 2:10-18 we learn Why only Jesus Can Connect Us To God.  And, what we have to do about it.


1.    Jesus reveals God as a friend to us
“declare your name”

One of Jesus roles is to reveal God to us.  More than that, though, He reveals God as a potential friend.  There is no other person, religious text, or spiritual being that is capable of revealing anything about God – Jesus goes beyond the external revelation and reveals God’s very heart.


2.    Jesus reveals us as a friend to God
“and the children God has given me”

Another role that Jesus has is to reveal us to God.  Beyond the simple introduction of basic characteristics, He reveals us, all those who are connected to Jesus by faith, as friends.  There is no other person or spiritual entity that has the ability to present us to God as friends.


3.    Friendship are conditional

One of the defining characteristics of Hebrews is the writer’s presentation of salvation.  The writer of Hebrews seems to be a pastor who is afraid that he may lose his church to apathy and apostasy.  In response to his concern, He warns his congregation (Hebrews is more like a sermon than it is a letter) that the conditions of a friendship must be met in order to receive the benefits of a friendship with Jesus.


4.    Jesus wants to represent you

The writer (probably the pastor of a small congregation) makes it very clear that Jesus wants to be our mediator (presenting God and us as friends).  However, if we fail to meet the conditions of a friendship, than we risk losing Jesus’ representation – He will not present us as a friend of God.


5.    How are you treating Jesus?

Jesus is the greatest thing there is for you.  He’s not an option among many other options, He is the first and best that you have.  Prioritizing the friendship with your continued attention and faithfulness is essential.


Here’s Why Only Jesus Can Connect You To God


Jesus is the only one who presents God to you as a potential friend.  Jesus is the only one who can present you to God as a friend.  There are no other options.

So, commit to His method of reconciliation.  His method involves a lifetime friendship that requires you to give Him your first and your best.

Please don’t drift.  Please don’t treat Jesus like He’s one of your many options.  Please treat Him like He’s the only possible way you will make it from here into eternity.


What about you?

Are you treating Jesus like He’s your very first and very best?

Or, did you see something different in the text?

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Why Only Jesus Can Connect You To God

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