Info You Want To Know About Water Baptism

Hillside's Prep for Water Baptism 2015

It was about 25 years ago and I still remember my water baptism vividly.  It was exciting, new, there were pictures, lots of singing… I knew it was about Jesus, but it also felt like it was about me.  It was one of the earliest events in my walk with Jesus where I felt like Jesus and I were really doing something together.

We have a great Water Baptism service lined up for this Sunday.  At present we have about 6 to 8 candidates.  Since we are a church filled with diverse backgrounds and experiences we could probably use a heads up about what a water baptism service looks like in a Pentecostal Church.

To the Candidates

I would have loved to connect with each of the candidates personally, but life is busy.  To help our busy people to connect with Jesus while they’re being busy, the end of this video includes helpful instructions for our candidates.

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