HEB 08, Is Christianity Harder Than The Work You’re Putting Into It?

Christianity 101 Podcast - Hebrews 4:1-11

Is Christianity Harder Than What You're Putting Into It?


Everyone who wants to can enter into a friendship with God purely by choosing to believe in Jesus. Easy, peasy, no effort required – it’s a total act of faith. However, after that initial choice there is absolutely some relational elbow grease needed to stay in the relationship – faith eventually comes to look like faithfulness. So, there seems to exist a potential contradiction. If Salvation is a work of grace (obtainable by people who absolutely can’t be good enough), then why is it conditional on good performance once a friendship is established? In this episode we focus on Hebrews 4:1-11 and answer the question, Is Christianity Harder Than The Work You’re Putting Into It?


Show Notes:

• Intro [00:20]
• Wrapping up this theme [03:12]
• Today’s text [03:52]
• The point of this episode [04:09]
• First: this part is for Christians [4:53]
• Does your belief reflect your heart? [09:44]
• Has your belief become a growing relationship? [14:54]
• Second: this part of for people who are not Christians [19:54]
• 1 minute Summary [23:59]
• Takeaway phrase [24:29]
• And much more…



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Is Christianity Harder Than What You’re Putting Into It?

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