HEB 07, How To Avoid Disconnecting

Christianity 101 Podcast - Hebrews 3:7-19

How To Avoid Disconnecting

Lawnmowers and Christians have something in common. I have an electric lawnmower – the kind that requires a really long extension cord that’s never quite long enough. As I’m mowing the edge of my property I repeatedly pull the cord out of the wall. Disconnecting a plug is annoying. Similarly, I have a friendship with Jesus. When I treat it as anything other than a friendship the possibility exists that I can disconnect from Jesus. If I don’t get plugged back in that ends very badly. In Hebrews 3:1-6 the pastor warns his congregation that disconnecting from Jesus is possible and ends horribly, so in this passage he reveals How To Avoid Disconnecting.


Show Notes:

• Intro [00:20]
• Theme for the next couple of episodes [02:39]
• The point of the episode [03:43]
• Three key words [05:07]
• “Rebellion” defined [09:47]
• “Heart” defined [11:52]
• “Rest” defined [14:15]
• The key to understanding this passage [15:07]
• Why all the boring context? [15:45]
• 1/2 the challenge: the local church [18:37]
• 1/2 the challenge: personal engagement [24:39]
• Is this really a big deal? [28:48]
• How to avoid disconnecting [29:48]
• 1 sentence takeaway [31:00]
• And much more…


Significant quotes:

“Keep things personal with Jesus and the Church” [31:10]



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How To Avoid Disconnecting

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