HEB 05: Why Only Jesus Can Reconcile You

Christianity 101 Podcast - Hebrews 2:10-18

Why Only Jesus Can Reconcile You To God

Hebrews can be a really scary book, or a really encouraging book. On the one hand, if you are actively pursuing Jesus as a friend, you’re sacrificing for Him, and you’re prioritizing Him, then Hebrews is awesome! However, if Jesus is one option among many, if He sometimes gets your attention and other times not, and if you’re treating Him and eternity too casually, then Hebrews should be terrifying for you. Hebrews warns us all that relationships have conditions, and the benefits of a relationship with Jesus comes only as we meet the conditions. In this episode focused on Hebrews 2:10-18, we explore some of the benefits that Jesus gives, and we’re warned to do this one thing (revealed in the episode) to make sure we don’t lose those benefits – why only Jesus can reconcile you to God, and what you have to do about it.


Show Notes:

• The new theme for the next few episodes [02:31]
• Remember the audience: apathy & apostasy [03:31]
• The point of this episode [04:40]
• Heads up on the content of this episode [05:02]
• Context: the key to understanding Hebrews [05:54]
• Complicated phrases [14:43]
• What Jesus is doing for you [17:14]
• Jesus can mediate [18:46]
• Was Jesus perfect before? [22:06]
• Jesus can be your wingman [22:56]
• Jesus can free you… from something everyone fears [26:10]
• Jesus can forgive [28:24]
• Why only Jesus can reconcile you to God [29:48]
• One last phrase… two word application [31:44]
• And much more…



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Why Only Jesus Can Reconcile You to God

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