Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option

Devotional On Hebrews 1:5-14

Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option

I have heard somewhere that we are the most marketed to generation ever.  I don’t have a source for that, but it makes sense to me.  Not only are we being asked to buy products, but we’re also being asked to buy into brands of spirituality.  Considering that there is only one God, there are far too many spiritual options available making it very challenging for someone to discern which is the best option.


In Hebrews 1:5-14, we discover Why Following Jesus Is The Best Option


I.    Claims about Jesus’ superiority need to be proven

In this passage the author quotes from the Old Testament (which was the first century Believer’s Bible) to support the claim in Hebrews 1:1-4 that Jesus is superior.  Particularly, the author argues that Jesus is greater than angels.

Why angels?


II.    Spiritual options need to be compared

While we may have many options today, an option that focuses on angels doesn’t appear to be among the most popular.  However, back in the day when Hebrews was written, angels were well respected because they lived in closest proximity to God.  If someone said that they heard it from an angel, people were more likely to buy into the message.


III.    You can use this passage to compare Jesus against your own spiritual influences

You may not be into angels, but I’m sure you have your own spiritual influences.  Maybe it’s someone’s podcast you follow (like Christianity 101), maybe it’s someone you here on the radio, someone from your church, an author, or a teacher.  You’ve got your version of an angel, so the verses in this passage apply to what influences you, too.


Here is Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option


1. Jesus is permanent & unchanging

Jesus is the only constant in the universe.  Everything else will change, fail, pass away, become obsolete, or be forgotten.  Jesus is the only option that remains eternally the same.

2.     Jesus is the creator (not created)

Jesus is the best option because He’s not an option.  He’s the originator who wants to reconcile His creation back to Himself – He wants to be your friend.

3.     Jesus is God (because He’s to be worshipped)

Only God is to be worshipped, and this passage shows us very clearly the call to worship Jesus.  Actually, it was the spiritual option, the angels, that was being commanded to worship Jesus.  One day, everything and everyone will be required to acknowledge Jesus as God.

4.     Finished His work of salvation (He’s seated)

Only Jesus has provided people with a way to get connected with God that doesn’t require us to make some sort of payment or require us to perform to earn our place in eternity.  Jesus has completely done everything that needs to be done in order for us to qualify to be a friend of God.  Our part is to choose to believe in Jesus and then to live as His friend.


Jesus is God.  As the Son He is in closest proximity with both God and people.  The best path that we can chose is to follow Jesus because He’s the only spiritual being who can bring God and people together.


What about you?

How does Jesus compare with the other spiritual options you’re influenced by?

Or, did you see something different in the text?

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Why Following Jesus Is Your Best Option

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