DEVO 009: Three Instructions that Guide You Toward Healthier Partnerships

Inductive Study on Galatians 4:8-20

Great partners are hard to find.  Whether you’re looking for a business partner, a marriage partner, or a fellow motorcycle enthusiast to spend part of your weekends with, a partner can either make or break the experience.  When we need one, finding a great partner is essential to our success.  So, how do we find great partners?

In today’s inductive study on Galatians 4:8-20 we take away three instructions that guide us toward healthier partnerships.

Here they are…

1.  Commit to Jesus as your first partner

Before searching for a partner you need to be settled in your own heart that Jesus is your priority.  If Jesus is your priority then you’re less likely to tolerate people who influence you away from Jesus and church.  You’re also less likely to partner with someone who continually causes you to compromise your commitment to Jesus.  If you’re first commitment is to Jesus then you’re more likely to seek a partner who’s first commitment is also to Jesus.

If your partner doesn’t share this core value then you’re less likely to be moving in the same direction. If your partnership compromises this priority then you’ve already lost ground and you’ll likely be locked into a struggle as you seek to have greater (or equal) influence within the partnership.

2.  Don’t commit to those opposed to the Gospel

Being hospitable is to be a lover of strangers.  It’s noble to love strangers. However, you’re setting yourself up to be hurt if you empower someone who opposes the Gospel. Partnering with someone who not only rejects Jesus, but also is influencing you away from Jesus toward something else is sure disaster.  Exercising hospitality without exercising discernment produces all pain with no gain.
Tweet: Exercising hospitality without exercising discernment will result in a lot of pain with no gain.

If your partner is influencing you to forsake your first priority, you’ll wish you made a better choice before the partnership ever began.

3.  Commit to a local church

Good partners know how to navigate relationships.  Even the best relationship has its share of head butting and unpleasant confrontations.  When a person chooses to remain in a local assembly and work through the challenges of growing relationships then the person is more likely to be better equipped to take a long term perspective with their other partnerships.

Likewise, if you stick to a local church you’ll be better equipped for a long term partnership because of your experience learning to forgive, grow through misunderstandings and learning to care for people.


When you’re looking for a good partner, I think these three guidelines should serve you well.  First, make sure you two share the same core value: Jesus is the priority.  Second, make sure your potential partner is not opposed to the Gospel.  Third, make sure your potential partner demonstrates the ability to hold onto relationships long term (staying in a local church for a long while is a good sign).


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To further engage you can watch the 8 minute inductive devotional, and/or you can see how I came to my conclusions by watching the longer inductive study.

8 Minute Inductive Devotional

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