DEVO 008: The Definitive Reason Why Good Works Can’t Connect You With God

Inductive Study on Galatians 3:23-4:7

Babysitters are great! Our 4 kids create a busy life for Michelle and I. Without babysitters my wife and I would never have a moment to connect. For me, a good babysitter is one who helps our kids stay within the guidelines we have for them. A babysitter is a representation of Michelle and I until we return.  They serve a purpose for a limited time – once mommy and daddy are home the time of the babysitter is over.

You may or may not like babysitters. Every parent has a different style. But you probably understand the concept – part of a babysitter’s duties are to make sure the children behave until the parents return and then their job is done.

We’re not discussing childcare today, but the concepts of parents, babysitters and good behaviour are going to help us understand today’s post.  In today’s passage Paul shows us how the Old Covenant (a.k.a. The Law) functioned as a “guardian” (or baby sitter).

In Galatians 3:23-4:7 we learn The Definitive Reason Why Good Works Can’t Connect You With God.


Here’s why…

1. God Is Your Daddy

When you and I choose to believe in Jesus we are then given the Holy Spirit. Paul calls Him “the Spirit of Sonship.” The Spirit enables us to call God, “Daddy” (Paul says, “Abba”… it means “daddy”).

You and I have a deep connection with God. It’s a connection at least as deep as the connection of a biological child and parent.  For Believers, God is the greatest and most deeply personal part of our lives.

Being connected with God isn’t about following rules, it’s about growing in fellowship.


2. The Law Was Your Guardian

Before Jesus came, God gave The Law. The Law was never meant to enable anyone to deeply connect with God. The Law was a guardian, or a babysitter. It was meant to help manage the behaviour of those who wanted to be connected with God.  Not meant to be a permanent arrangement, The Law served a purpose for a limited period of time.

From the very beginning of creation God had a relational purpose for us.  He wants to be in relationship with His creation – that’s you and me.

The time of The Law has now passed.  God, Himself, has come.  He has created a way for a real relationship to be established.  He has shown us how to connect with Him on a personal level by believing in Jesus.  Now that Jesus has come, there is no reason to hold onto something that was meant to manage us in His absence.

Being connected with God was never meant to be a lifestyle of rule keeping.  It was always meant to be about something deeply personal.


3. Daddy’s home, you don’t need a guardian anymore

The time of the babysitter has ended. We have no reason to try to please God based on our ability to make a babysitter happy. The way we make God happy is by connecting directly with Him, by believing in Jesus.

The Law is now obsolete.  It served a purpose for a time, but now its time has ended. Now that daddy’s home, the babysitter isn’t even left to us as an option.


Your good behaviour isn’t what connects you with God.  Good works was never what God was looking for.  It’s your belief in Jesus that connects you with God.  Trying to please God based on your ability to be good just doesn’t work because it’s not what God’s looking for.  The only way to connect with God is by placing your faith in Jesus. Once you’ve done that you’ve entered into a fellowship with God that will grow for an eternity.


The definitive reason why your good works can’t connect you with God is because Jesus wants something personal – faith and fellowship.

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One thought on “DEVO 008: The Definitive Reason Why Good Works Can’t Connect You With God

  1. Thanks for sharing. This really helped to further clarify (with further trust) my position in the family of God. It is going to take some practice now keeping my focus on truly being a “joint heir” with the guilt free benefits of redemption and responsibility under the new covenant. It really is a powerful and freeing way of looking at life in Christ personally and corporately, something that living “in the world” just cannot offer.