DEVO 005: Why Your Faith Is Always Better Than Your Obedience

Inductive Study on Galatians 2:11-21

I have some friends who are really good people.  I mean, the kind of people that freely give away their money to help people in need, who share their really expensive things, who give back to the community, and who put on some really great poolside BBQ’s for the neighbourhood!  I think they’re really good people.  But, there’s something missing.

I’m confident that you know some really good people, too.  It really doesn’t matter if they have a lot of money or a little.  You see them sacrifice and give and really try to make a difference.  Good people can be found almost everywhere.  But, wouldn’t you also say that something’s missing in some of your own friends, too?

Good just isn’t good enough.  Something is missing.

Galatians 2:11-21 reveals that God isn’t looking for “good” He’s looking for “faith.”

God’s not looking for good.  I mean, He’s not wanting everyone to be evil, either.  But, “good” is not what God’s asking us all to be.  I’m very thankful that God wants something other than goodness because I’m not good often enough.

Here’s what we learn from Galatians 2:11-21…

Why Your Faith Is Always Better Than Your Obedience (or goodness):

1.     You can’t be good enough to be called “Righteous”

Eternity isn’t for the good, it’s for the righteous.  And, righteousness is unobtainable though goodness.  Righteousness is God’s declaration that a person has completely fulfilled all of the obligations of the Law (i.e. The 10 Commandments), both actively and passively, and is entitled to all of the benefits of the law (i.e. eternity).

That’s not goodness, that’s perfection.  No one can keep the 10 Commandments.  Therefore, no one will be justified by the 10 Commandments.  Good isn’t good enough.

2.  God only justifies your faith in Jesus

It’s our belief in Jesus that is justified and declared to be righteousness.  It’s our faith in Jesus that finds us forgiveness and sets us on a lifetime journey of walking in faith – growing in our love for God, and also growing in our love for others.

Good isn’t good enough.  But, that’s ok, because God’s got something better for us.  Because of our faith in Jesus God will declare us righteous – not because we’re good, but because Jesus is perfectly good on our behalf.

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To further engage you can watch the 5 minute inductive devotional, and/or you can see how I came to my conclusions by watching the 16 minute inductive study.


5 Minute Inductive Devotional


16 Minute Inductive Study

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