DEVO 003: Three Spiritual Things You Can Trust

Inductive study on Galatians 1:11-24

I just spent the day with a friend on our motorcycles.  It was about 9 hours of complete joy!  Mechanically speaking, I don’t know a lot about motorcycles, but I do know a couple of things that are absolutely true.  Here’s one that a friend taught me when I started riding: “To keep it fun, keep the rubber side down!”  That’s the truth!  Just like there are things we can know to be true about bikes, there are spiritual things that we can know are true.  In Galatians 1:11-24 we learn that there are at least 3 spiritual things that are absolutely true.  In a world where everything seems to be an option, and everyone seems to think their opinion is god-like, these three spiritual trustworthy things are truly helpful!

To engage in today’s inductive devotional you can watch the 7 minute inductive sermon, and/or you can see how I came to my conclusions by watching the 30 minute inductive study.

1.  7 Minute Inductive Sermon


2.  30 Minute Inductive Study

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