DEVO 002: How You Can Be Sure You’re Connecting With Jesus Rather Than A Fairytale

Inductive study on Galatians 1:6-10

I’ve bumped into some strange ideas thought to be biblical in some of the churches I’ve visited.  I think that most Believers have a good understanding of the basics of the Gospel.  Then, there are others who seem to be able to quote everything but the Bible.  Add to that the ideas that stream to us from magazines, YouTube, FaceBook … (man, our social media list keeps growing!).  It can be a challenge, particularly for newer Believers, to discern what is real and what is fantasy.  That is exactly what Paul is addressing in Galatians 1:6-10.

To engage in today’s inductive devotional you can watch the 5 minute inductive sermon, and/or you can see how I came to my conclusions by watching the 24 minute inductive study.


1.  5 Minute Inductive Sermon

2.  24 Minute Inductive Study


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2 thoughts on “DEVO 002: How You Can Be Sure You’re Connecting With Jesus Rather Than A Fairytale

  1. Only had time for the 5 min version and really appreciate that option when time its a challenge, btw. Really good points…especially point #3. Challenging given the information overload we experience in this day and age and the easy access we have to “the experts” and their flow of opinions on any given topic. I’m going to add #3 especially to my “to do” list everyday. Will listen to the extended version to get more detail. Thanks for doing these!