Halloween Special: The Devil, Demons & Disciples

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The Devil, Demons & Disciples

This is a halloween special. In this episode it’s time to demystify the devil and demons. It’s time to discover their secret powers, and find out more about demon possession and how demons are cast out. You’re going to find out how they effect you and how to protect yourself (sorry, garlic and silver bullets won’t work). This awesome episode pulls references from all over the Bible which makes it a great summary of what you need to know about The Devil, Demons and Disciples.


Show Notes:

• Intro [00:24]
• The point of this episode [03:04]
• Monster Mash chorus [04:14]
• The Devil: who is he? [04:21]
• The Devil: his origin [20:26]
• The Devil: his power [23:04]
• Demons: what are they? [28:35]
• Demons: their power [29:27]
• Disciples: who are they? [39:50]
• Disciples: their origin [40:59]
• Disciples: their power [42:09]
• Q&A [43:01]
• Can a Christian be possessed by a demon? [43:19]
• Where does Satan reside right now? [44:35]
• Has the war mentioned in Rev 12:9 already occurred? [45:02]
• How deeply can the devil access people – can he read minds? [45:19]
• What is the difference between disciple/apostle – are there any around today? [46:54]
• Have you prayed over the church so demons can’t get in? [49:37]
• This episode summarized in three words [51:27]
• And much more…



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The Devil, Demons & Disciples

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Special: The Devil, Demons & Disciples

  1. Pastor Rick, this was great! Presented in an understandable and relatable way. Thank you so much.

    While listening, my heart swelled with thankfulness as I recalled the day I chose to live in victory through Christ rather than in fear.

    My access question was answered very quickly in the podcast. Thank you. I don’t get bad dreams anymore and as I think back they were usually related to something negative I had watched on TV. Or something…a choice I made.

    Very interesting podcast. Sue Smith must have been just vibrating on Sunday with anticipation! ♡

    See you all again soon. Cindy

    p.s. we’re you able to help the possessed couple?

  2. I had fun with the kids downstairs this past Sunday but I was disappointed that I missed this sermon. Thanks for posting so promptly Rick! Many questions answered and misconceptions clarified.

    One suggestion for the podcasts though (as I may be listening to more of them when I am no longer able to attend Hillside); I personally find the music running throughout it a bit distracting. If I am the only one who feels this way, disregard my criticism, it could just be me. 🙂 Sound effects were awesome though!