6 Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality

Devotional on Hebrews 5:1-6

Six Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality

Last spring, as the weather began to turn warmer I followed my kids’ leading to the garage where our pool and our tent trailer was stored over winter.  Looking back, it was an awesome Saturday as we set up our backyard for summer fun and set up the tent trailer to start dreaming about our travel plans.  As I look out my window right now and see the snow lingering on the ground I’m really missing warmer days.  However, a day like that always reveals more work than anticipated.  As I stood looking into what was left in my garage I began asking myself, “What is worth keeping and what is worth throwing away?”  I guess that’s a typical Spring cleaning question – a question I’m looking forward to asking myself again in a few months. And, it’s a great question to ask ourselves often in order to move toward a cleaner spirituality.

In Hebrews 5:1-6 the author encourages us to do a spiritual spring cleaning by sharing Six Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality


1.  Is this spiritual choice authoritative?
Only Jesus has the authority to represent me to God.  Here’s why: Jesus is both a man and God, acting on behalf of the Father.  No other person can represent me to God because no other person has been given authority to speak to God on my behalf.


2.  Is this spiritual choice qualified?
Only Jesus is qualified for the role of representing God to people, and people to God.  Here’s why: Because Jesus is God He possess the greatest, firsthand knowledge of what God wants to say to people.  Not only can he represent us to God, but He can also speak on God’s behalf to us.  He’s the only one who can do this.


3.  Is this spiritual choice meeting a real world need?
People have real problems.  One real problem is something called “sin.”  We have done wrong to each other, and to God.  Humanity, as a whole, seems to have had a negative impact on our planet, and we seem to be heading into bigger problems.  Our greatest accomplishments results in the most devastating consequences. To bail us out, Jesus has presented the perfect sacrifice and the most comprehensive plan to renew us and the world forever.


4.  Is this spiritual choice really spiritual?
If our spirituality doesn’t actually effect a spiritual world, then it’s not really spiritual.  Call it emotional, or cognitive, but don’t call it spiritual.  Jesus has asked the Father for our salvation from death.  He confirms that believing in Him is truly spiritual by rising from the dead and promising to do the same for us.


5.  Is this spiritual choice really working?
Jesus has given us confirmation that God (the Father) really listens Him (the Son). Because He’s both God and a person we have the confirmation we need that His mediation on our behalf is effective.


6.  Is there a better spiritual choice?
It’s hard to get our head around the thought that Jesus was “made perfect,” because He’s God.  Isn’t God already perfect?
God wasn’t the perfect Saviour until Jesus became a man, lived perfectly, died in our place, and rose again (securing our own resurrection to come).  Jesus, alone, was made the perfect way to God.  Not only did He fulfill His humanly duties as a representative between God and people, but He fully qualified Himself to be the perfect and eternal mediator between God and people by fully satisfy payment for sins and by becoming the perfect representation between God and people.


7.  Is there a higher spiritual source?
Jesus has been designated as a high priest in a line that predates and supersedes the Aaronic priesthood.


Jesus Is The Way To A Cleaner Spirituality

He is and forever will be the perfect mediator between God and people.  There is no source above Him, and there is no other option given authority to connect people with God.


What about you?

Do you need to do a spring cleaning on your own spirituality (at the beginning of winter)?  Or have you already chosen to believe in Jesus?


Did you see something different in the text?


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6 Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality

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