ROM 30: Gifts Are Better Than Wages

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:15-23, Part 2

I’m very grateful that Jesus gives me gifts according to His grace instead of giving me what I deserve.  In today’s passage Paul talks about the gruesome wages I’ve earned for the poor performance I’ve given God.

ROM 29: Are We Really God’s Slaves?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:15-23, Part 1

Do Believers really have freewill?  Or, is it lost when we choose to follow God?  If we have freewill, then why does Paul seem to celebrate the idea that we are God’s slaves, and why are Believers restricted from so many things?  These questions, and more, are answered in today’s video/audio.

ROM 28: Victory, Freedom & Grace

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 3

You are a conqueror.  Your future is not diminished by the failure of your past.  Because of your faith in Jesus, you have victory, freedom & grace.

Rom 27: Choose Personal Engagement [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 2

I have recently discovered that the average person makes about 35,000 choices (consciously) each day.  I don’t know how to confirm that number, or how to challenge it, I’ve just found it to be the general conclusion.  Regardless of the actual number, what’s most important is the first choice we make.  In today’s video/audio our passage is going to encourage us to make personal engagement with God our first choice.

Rom 26: Sin’s Power Is Broken [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 1

Preparing the video/audio for this post got me excited.  I really like being reminded of the victory that I have in Jesus, and the defeat of everything that would separate me from God for all eternity.  If you’re feeling a little down, this next set of videos/audios may encourage you, too.  Your past is not your identity!  Your failures are not holding you back!  Jesus has given you a fresh start that comes with a ton of power.

ROM 25: Grace Wins Every Time [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:12-21, Part 2

Without giving away any really big, embarrassing moments, I can say that I have given my wife many opportunities to feel justified about becoming wrathful.  However, “wrathful” is absolutely not a word I’d use to describe our marriage.  One key ingredient in our successful marriage (and my longevity… to this point, at least) is forgiveness.  Moments of stupidity abound, but where grace is embraced the marriage thrives.  It’s similar with our fellowship with Jesus, too.  We have given Jesus a truckload of shameful treatment, but “wrathful” is not a word that could describe His interaction with us.  As you reminisce about some of the reasons you have given Jesus to become wrathful toward you, you’ll find encouragement in this week’s video/audio.

ROM 24: Adam VS Jesus [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:12-21, Part 1

I honesty thought they were lying to me!  I was in grade 5 when I received the news, but I couldn’t fathom how a wrestling match with Hulk Hogan in it could possibly be fake!  Royal Rumbles had to be real!   After I recovered from the shock, I continued to like wrestling for about another year or so, hoping to see my favourite wrestlers matched with one another.  Have you ever wondered who would win a wrestling match between Adam and Jesus?  Me neither.  But, Paul found it incredibly important to write about!  Get ready for a Royal Rumble like you’ve never seen as Paul compares Adam against Jesus in today’s video/audio!

ROM 23: You’ve Been Reconciled [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:1-11, Part 3

You've Been Reconciled

My two older girls (6 yrs and 9 yrs) were playing so nicely in the living room with their toys that the transition to screaming and hitting shocked me.  But, no problem, I’m already prepared for this!  I put them on the naughty step for a time out, restoring both the calm and the relationship.  The naughty step is a wonderful tool for both correcting behaviour and reconciling two little girls.  It is so effective that God uses a naughty step, too.  Today’s text reveals how God’s naughty step, the cross, was effective at reconciling us to Himself.

ROM 022: God’s Great Love [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:1-11, Part 2

As I read I reflect and admit the truth revealed about me.  It’s true that I had been completely rejecting God, and more than that, I was completely hostile to Him.  Yet, as I continue to read, something within me jumps and shouts and feels confused yet elated as I discover that in my most oppositional moment Jesus still loves me.  That’s true for you, too.  As oppositional as you may be (or may have been) God continues to pursue you because He loves you.  My hope is that today’s video/audio will affirm you and make you just as confused and elated as I can become.

ROM 021: Faith Brings Joy [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 5:1-11

As a husband and a dad of four, I’ve had some awesome moments to get really excited about.  More exciting than any other moment in my life is the moment when I changed from being considered an enemy of God to being considered His friend.  Today’s video/audio is filled with reasons why we can get excited about our faith in Jesus.  (Heads up, it’s also my first attempt at green screen!)