The Walking Stick Story

How we presented the Gospel at the Alliston Potato Fest 2015 using Walking Sticks

Hillside Community Church participated in the Alliston Potato Fest and gave out close to 4000 walking sticks.  Most of the people receiving the walking sticks chose to believe in Jesus.  This video is a summary of the message of the Walking Stick.

You Will Very Likely Lead Someone To Jesus At The Alliston Potato Fest

I’m at the Alliston Potato Fest sharing the Gospel by partnering with The Fellowship Of Christian Farmers.  I am absolutely amazed!!!!  I’m almost without words!!!!  Within the first hour, while the crowds were still very small, I lead about 9 people to Jesus!

IMG_8347 B

For those of you who are local to me: if you’ve never led someone to Jesus, now’s your chance!  Please join us on Saturday, August 8!