What happened to the weekly podcasts?!



I’m so sorry that I’ve missed a couple of podcasts!  Thanks for your patience!

My microphone suddenly stopped working.  I’m using a Blue Yeti.  It seemed to be fine one moment and then it suddenly just stopped being fine as I was beginning to record an episode.  I haven’t found a fix for it yet so I’ll likely need to buy a new mic.

I’ll be back up as soon as I can be.


UPDATE:  I’ve bought a new mic.  However, I’m now in an Mdiv program at Tyndale.  Please see the post about the new season (click here) to learn about the changes being made to the podcast.

New Season Begins Wednesday

I’m so excited to tell you what’s ahead this season on the Christianity 101 podcast!  I’ve taken to heart some of your feedback.  You’ve told me that you listen while commuting, you have the podcast playing in the background while working, and you play it in the background on YouTube while at home (but you’re not actually watching it), and you’ve asked for an option that doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth.  Some of you have also told me that you’d prefer a sermon style podcast over a commentary style.  I think I’ve heard you, so lets talk about the new season…

How Can I Serve You Better?

"Christianity 101"

Hi all,

Every Wednesday I release a new Video/Audio which continues our series through Romans (called, “Christianity 101”).  I’m currently renovating the room where I record my videos.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work fast enough to record a new episode.

Another episode will be posted the following Wednesday.

In the meantime, I have a question, please:

Beat Debt & Build Wealth – Financial Peace University

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I’m not sure if I can communicate how excited I was about receiving my tax refund!  I was finally going to be able to pay off my Visa!  Unfortunately, it seemed to be a trend for me: pay by Visa, make the minimum payments, and hope for a big enough return at the end of the year to pay it off.  It made me feel a little sick, and kind of trapped, but it was life and it was how I felt I was able to win.  Well, that’s not winning.  Being debt free (except the mortgage), having an emergency fund, and saving for the future is a far better win!  But, how does someone with a mountain of debt make the transition to a mountain of savings?!  You can find your way forward by taking Dave Ramsey’s course “Financial Peace University.”